Healthy Banana Cake (Naturopath-Approved)

This is my favourite banana cake recipe. It is incredibly simple and feels great to eat a second helping guilt free. When using almond or soy milk for it, it is dairy-free, sugar-free and free of any artificial or processed products. A healthy snack for the whole family – and absolutely guilt-free!!

I’m certainly not suggesting you replace your Christmas dessert with it, but here is a healthy suggestion for one of your holiday meals.

1 cup bran
1 cup milk (almond or other)
1 cup wholemeal self-raising flour (or use half whole-wheat and half
buckwheat to cut down on the gluten)
2-4 ripe bananas (very ripe works best)
1 cup chopped dried fruit and/or nuts: prunes, almonds, figs, rasins,
sunflower seeds. You could also try fresh fruit like apples, pears, or berries, etc

Heat oven to 180 C
Soak bran with milk for couple min, then add other ingredients.
Mix well.
Pour into greased baking/caking pan or tin loaf (works as a loaf or flat as a cake)
Bake for 1-1.25 hours (until sharp knife comes out clean)

You can experiment and mix together any combination of nuts, dried fruits and fresh fruits. We have put everything and anything in it that was in the kitchen. Even the pulp from our juicer made it in there once, but without much success:-) We wanted to try it, as it’s always such a waste to throw out the rest of the fruit from the juicer.


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